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Renesas Electronics: to promote the localization of a "core" for China

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Recently, Renesas Electronics successfully held the "Renesas China Forum 2010" event in Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai. At the Forum, Renesas Electronics has organized a series of seminars, exhibitions, presentations, and user-friendly experiences around the company's new strategy, China business strategy and the world's leading technologies and products such as MCU, SoC, analog and power devices and automotive electronics. The latest products and solutions to the participants a comprehensive display.

A new strategy: the proportion of overseas sales in 2012 increased 60%

Renesas Technology and NEC Electronics since the merger, the new Renesas Electronics became the world's third largest semiconductor companies. After integration, Renesas Electronics is optimizing its existing product lines, has achieved the best allocation of resources, focusing on microcontrollers, analog and power devices and systems LSI three major areas of expertise. By 2012, the company plans to raise the ratio of overseas sales to 60%, said Akio Akio, president of Renesas Electronics. While China is undoubtedly the most critical part of the plan.

Rooted in China to serve China

"Our mission is to adapt to China's" low-carbon society "trend, to strengthen the MCU business, expand the product lineup, and expand the sales of supporting green innovation solutions" Mr. Chiu Tai explained China's strategy: "By strengthening the China market Business system, to quickly respond to market demand, provide cost-effective products, truly rooted in the Chinese market. "
Renesas Electronics China strategy, "localization" is undoubtedly the core. The company recently announced the strengthening of China's MCU product center, will be responsible for the Japanese headquarters of the product development, production and other decision-making power to China to establish for the Chinese market from marketing, design, production to the back-end decision-making system, The world's leading design experience and product technology more effectively into the Chinese market.
To that end, Mr. Zheng Li, General Manager and CEO of Renesas Electronics Greater China, demonstrated a pyramid-based model of "employee-oriented, local-oriented, local customer innovation that culminated in China's top- Semiconductor manufacturers. " At the same time, Mr. Zheng Li revealed the Renesas Electronics China business indicators, namely: sales maintained an annual growth rate of more than 15%, and strive to reach 2 billion US dollars in 2012, 4 years profit doubled. While Renesas will accelerate the launch of new products in China, which for the Chinese market and locally developed products in the next 4 years to 10 times up to 100 species. Nearly three years, the Chinese MCU product center will launch a thousand new products.

Unified MCU platform new one after another

Renesas Electronics has become the world's leading MCU supplier, accounting for 30% of the market share. According to Mr. Akio, Renesas Electronics will be the original Renesas Technology and the original NEC Electronics product line for a unified and integrated, the current Renesas Electronics MCU product line is divided into high-end applications for the SuperH, V850 family, midrange applications RX family, the 78K and R8C families for the low-end market, and the security MCU R-Secure family. The target markets for these product lines in China are home appliances, home security in life, surveillance and building management, and social infrastructure such as smart grid and automotive MCUs.
To this forum, Renesas Electronics also introduced a new family of MCU RL78 family, as well as a new generation of RX MCU and V850 less pin series.
The new RL78 family MCU will be the original Renesas Technology and the original NEC Electronics R8C family and 78K family of 8 and 16-bit MCU to be combined and extended to 78K0R CPU core-based, inherited the advantages of R8C and 78K family, integrating the two A variety of powerful peripheral functions, and through the use of 130nm process, to achieve a lower power consumption, better performance and higher integration. Renesas Electronics also expects the RL78 family of MCUs to become No.1 in the 8-bit and 16-bit MCU markets with these advantages.

For more information about the RX Series, the V850 Low Pin Series and the RL78 Series, please click here for details.

Advocate "green" harmonic all things a "core" for China

Only the "core" to "green move." Renesas Electronics to take this forum, its "green" products, "green" solutions to Chinese users. The Renesas Forum also features four sub-forums on "Green" and "Green" solutions and Renesas' vision for an environment-friendly society. "Renesas Electronics in the" environmental MCU "," automotive electronics "and other related technologies and solutions to make more in-depth explanation. It is worth mentioning that the forum special session, participants can experience the Renesas Electronics "MCU learning toolkit" of the easy, including the world's first 32-bit MCU V850 new product V850ES / Jx3-L Learning Suite Experience and RX Starter Kit experience.

I believe Renesas Electronics will rely on "green mission" with the rapid growth of the Chinese market with growth.

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