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China's electronic components industry festival is coming

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Under the guidance of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Shenzhen Science and Technology Industry and Trade Information Committee, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, China Electronic Components Industry Association and China Semiconductor Industry Association, under the guidance of Huaqiang electronic network sponsored by the "2011 China Electronic Components Industry Innovation and Development Year Will "will be January 13, 2011 in Shenzhen Pavilion Hotel was held. The Council has become China's electronic components industry, a major festival by the industry and the major media attention.

China's electronics industry from the "growth" in 2009 to "adjust the structure" in 2010, showing a thriving development trend, the electronic components line is being given more and more expectations. However, the era of low-profit electronics distributors are still confronted with great confusion and challenges, how the electronics industry out of the confusion, to meet new challenges? Innovation is the driving force behind the development of enterprises, cultivate the core competitiveness of technology and leading products is the current economic situation, enterprises looking for new profit growth point of the important strategies. Huaqiang electronic network as the electronics industry supply chain e-commerce platform leader, has been actively thinking about the fate of the industry to explore the path of distribution development, innovation will be held for the development of the industry to create a comprehensive exchange and in-depth discussion of the superior platform.

It is reported that the support units of this meeting are Huaqiang Electronic World, Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association, Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Chengde Guangying Technology Co., Ltd., Jinyu Electronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Chengxin Electronics Co., Ltd. Access to the Shenzhen Shun Hing Electronics Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Li Jia Hong Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City Hengchang Electronics Co., Ltd. strong support. Scale electronics industry, distribution industry and the relevant government departments, industry associations, representatives gathered in 2010 on the electronic components distribution market to make a summary analysis, to discuss the "post-crisis" era of the electronics industry is facing Of the new challenges and put forward countermeasures, is expected to attend about 500 people. In addition, Huaqiang electronic network initiated the "China Semiconductor Industry Alliance," the establishment of the ceremony and distribution of hot 2010 Huaqiang electronic network "quality suppliers" award ceremony will be held on the same stage.

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